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IM captainlecaptain, ahhgugugug@hotmail.com
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Index.html is the default page your link leads a visitor, in other words, if I had webuildfire.com, the link would lead me to the index.html file. You can use the template for any page name, it just so happens if you don't want to use a splash page, you should put the code in the index.html as default. If you want to use a splash page, you would lead visitors to your welcome.html link with the template.

By fainaru on Jul 5, 2008 1:19 pm · History

as long as you uploaded all of your images and copied the exact code to myspace, it should be fine. if you PM me your coding i could help you more. :]
if you wanted to use it for a web page, it doesn't matter. if you're going to use it on a pre-existing page, just add it in and set the z-index to the lowest number. if you're going to start a new page, however, you can re-name it to whatever you want and upload it.

By Smarmosaur on Jul 2, 2008 11:05 am · History


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